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Helping Lost Parrots Get Home to Their Families

Helping Lost Pets Get Home to Their Families
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Parrot 911 Alert is an international group dedicated to helping reunite lost or stolen parrots (and other birds) with their owners.


for the welcome entry click here


The main data base and list for lost and found birds can be found here

Lost/Stolen and Found bird reports can be submitted to this livejournal community.

The mods will then subsequently relay the posts here to the main database and/or members of the community can attempt to find matches either within the community or by referencing lost and found pages listed below.

You don't have to be actively searching for a missing bird in order to help.
Just being aware that a bird is missing in your area, helps in that, if you do see an exotic bird, you know who to contact to help return the bird home.

Every little bit of vigilance counts, even if it just means checking this or the main database from time to time looking for a match, or to become aware of lost birds in your area.

In the mean time, we need the largest base of members here possible in order to be most affective.

Also, this livejournal community is not completely limited to missing birds. Feel free to post information about any kind of missing pet. The more people that know about it, the more chance they have of being found.
[note: the main database however seems to be dedicated soley to birds. It would be a good idea to ask permission before posting about any other type of animal on there].


1) you can post any missing or found bird whether it's been found by you or by a friend. A person you know who found a bird doesn't have to live in your area. All you need is the information on the bird and where it's located

2) you can go to any of the sites listed below in resources under LOST/FOUND and see if you can find matches for any lost or found birds posted here on livejournal under parrot_alert911. If you find any possible matches, take a few minutes to contact each of the parties posting.

3) Just telling people about this resource helps a lot too. If you know someone who's missing a bird (or any other pet), direct them here. We'll do our best to help.


some guildines on reporting found and missing birds.

Check the memories for a list of all lost and found birds.

To Report a Missing Bird:
- type of bird
- colors/markings
- size
- any words it speaks or unique behavior
- date lost
- location lost (names of nearby cities would be helpful as well)
- who to contact if the bird is found
- reward (if offered... rewards can be good incentive for someone to return your bird)

- in the title be sure to put the status of the bird (lost or found), the location it was lost at, and the date it was lost

To Report a Found Bird:
- type of bird
- colors markings
- size
- any words it speaks or unique behavior
- date found
- location found
- contact information of the person who found the bird

- in the title be sure to put the status of the bird (lost or found), the location it was lost at, and the date it was lost


tips on looking for your lost bird can be found here and here and here


- BirdHotline - a list of lost/found birds around the world.
- Mickaboo's lost and found list - a rescue based in california
- Lost and Found Bird Resources - a collection of links and resources
- BirdMart.com classified - includes listing for birds both lost and found, plus information on bird clubs around the united states
- Internet Lost and Found - a world wide network of lost and found postings.
- Missing Pet Network - national resource for posting missing pets of all kinds.
- Parrot lost and Found - nationwide listing of lost and found birds.


- List of Avian Rescues - a comprehensive list of avian rescues throughout north america and europe.
- Refuge for Saving the Wildlife - an organization located in the chicago area dedicated to educating the public about parrots as well as serving as a refuge for unwanted birds.
- Mickaboo Cockatiel and Parrot Rescue - based in california (bay area) and dedicated to avian education.
- MyToos.com - an excellent resource about what it's really like to live with Cockatoos.
- Parrot Psychology - tips on keeping your feathered companions healthy and happy
- The Parrots Bill of Rights - an ESSENTIAL read for anyone considering bringing a bird into their home.
- Oasis Sanctuary Articles - an extensive list of educational articles about every aspect of living with parrots including cruelty, care, and whether a parrot is right for you.

moderated by belacane

This community is not in support of new breeders of birds. Don't buy don't breed - RESCUE & ADOPT pets in need!


note: for clarity all dates are in american format mm/dd/yy