Jackie ^^ (ikickass) wrote in parrot_alert911,
Jackie ^^

if this is inappropriate let me know and i'll remove it. I think this counts as a parrot emergency

i was asked to spread the word. for anyone around or can get to frazier park, california

*reposted from Friends Of Parrots*

Janet Ragonesi just contacted me about the following: Janelle of Avitech in Frazier Park is in dire temporary need of assistance with her approximately 100 birds of various species and sizes. The fires are imminently coming her way and she is surrounded by fire trucks. However, her birds need to be evacuated temporarily. There is a vet who offered to take them all in. However, they have to be delivered to him. Janelle is begging for help in having people call her and make arrangements to come with carrying cases to remove the birds to the vet or to their homes during this emergency. If you can help, AND ALSO PASS THIS MESSAGE ALONG TO ANYONE YOU KNOW IN THE PARROT COMMUNITY, please contact her at 800 646-bird.

Thank you.

Fran Ezer
Friends of Parrots Rescue & Adoption


i do not know ~~~ANY~~~ further information, so call her to find out
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