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Lost Ekkie, Michigan

> LOST ECLECTUS baby in Jackson MI
> Contact: Jackson Police Dept. or call 517-748-0395
> This is a 4 month old Vos baby (Eclectus), fully feathered, name
> Rosie,
> responds to name with honking when called, responds to Mamma when
> called.
> She of course is not a strong flier yet and will be landing often to
> rest
> and is not a good lander yet and could be found perching almost
> anywhere.
> She needs to be found as soon as we can...she was last fed formula
> around 5
> PM, she does eat parrot mix as well as fresh and soft mixes like beak
> appetit but needs to be fed still 4 times a day even if she isnt
> always
> eating it.
> She was last seen flying low to the west at the corner of Ellery road
> and
> Hamlin Road in Jackson, Michigan. She is banded.
> Her new owners are offering a 500.00 reward for her swift and safe
> return.
> PLEASE HELP US...If we can get bird people in the area calling for her
> SHE WILL RESPOND eventually.
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