lw (feralbirdgirl) wrote in parrot_alert911,

missing Pionus near Detroit

Lost Small Green Parrot - LARGE REWARD
Reply to: mogwiej@yahoo.com
Date: 2007-08-20, 2:06PM EDT

My parrot was let go while I was in a Hospital in Florida. He was lost on Friday, 8-10-07. He is green with red and blue tail feathers underneath. He has a snow white cap on top of his head. He has a metal band on his leg.
He was handraised and is very tame unless scared. If you spot him walking along, you can put out your fingers and ask him to step up....DO NOT TRY TO GRAB HIM, he may fly away because of fright. Approach him slowly and you may have a chance of having him come to you.
PLease call 734-482-0981 or 734-678-3405 if you even spot him.

post seen on craigslist
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