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hi. i've never posted a parrot alert before so maybe some of you can help me spread the word.

a coworker of mine just came in to tell me that she and her husband have been seeing what sounds to me like a lutino indian ringneck (she said all yellow, long tail, medium sized-small-bird but when i sent her pictures of ringnecks she said she was not 100% sure) in HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY.

it was last seen at willow & 9th, and the zip code of that area is 07030.

the bird is fully flighted and appears to be very friendly but shied away from my coworker's attempts to catch it because my coworker has a really big dog.

any advice? anywhere else i should post this?

EDIT: it's a cockatiel. here's the husband's description: "I think it has mostly yellow, grey, and white coloring, maybe a red beak? Also a crest and long tail feathers. Poor birdie....... "
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